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The latest on inpatient glucose control

A diabetes expert explained where glycemic targets for hospital patients should be now and what may be coming next, including continuous glucose monitors.
10 May 2024

Mortality lower among COVID-19 patients taking sitagliptin

A retrospective case-control trial of Italian patients with type 2 diabetes who were given the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor upon admission for COVID-19 found significant reductions in mortality and improvements in clinical outcomes.
9 Oct 2020

Inpatient exercise improved outcomes in elderly type 2 diabetes patients

A single-center study randomized patients ages 75 years and older to either usual care or 20 minutes twice a day of mobility and strengthening exercises during their hospitalizations.
13 Nov 2020

Intensive treatment of hyperglycemia during ischemic stroke did not improve functional recovery

In patients with acute ischemic stroke and hyperglycemia, a target glucose level of 80 to 130 mg/dL was associated with more hypoglycemia and no difference in functional outcomes compared to a target of 80 to 179 mg/dL.
9 Aug 2019

1 in 10 older inpatients with diabetes discharged with intensified medication regimen

Nearly half of those who had their diabetes medications intensified after hospitalization had already reached outpatient blood glucose goals or had limited life expectancy, according to a recent Veterans Health Administration study.
10 Apr 2020

Continuous glucose monitoring gains traction in hospitals

An article in the February ACP Hospitalist covers how some hospitals have rapidly transitioned inpatient continuous glucose monitoring from research into practice in response to COVID-19.
12 Feb 2021

Metformin during hospitalization associated with improved outcomes in type 2 diabetes and sepsis

In a retrospective cohort study in Pennsylvania, adults with type 2 diabetes and sepsis who were exposed to metformin during hospitalization had lower 90-day mortality and better kidney outcomes than those who were not.
11 Mar 2022

Closed-loop systems may improve inpatient glycemic control over subcutaneous insulin delivery

Inpatients with type 2 diabetes who received automated closed-loop delivery of insulin spent more time in the target blood glucose range than those who received insulin subcutaneously, with no difference in rates of hypoglycemia.
13 Jul 2018

Dilemmas in diabetes

The cover story of the December ACP Hospitalist addresses dilemmas in inpatient diabetes care, including new drugs and insulin pumps.
13 Dec 2019

CGM system reduced hypoglycemia in high-risk inpatients with type 2 diabetes

In a randomized trial, insulin-treated patients who had real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data sent to a nursing station experienced fewer hypoglycemic events than those who received point-of-care blood glucose testing.
14 Aug 2020

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