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Systolic BP variability associated with increased risk of death, CV events in patients with type 2 diabetes, meta-analysis finds

While current guidelines use only the absolute value of blood pressure (BP) to stratify a patient's cardiovascular (CV) risk, the results suggest that variability in systolic BP may also contribute to risk stratification in this high-risk population, the authors concluded.

Young adults with diabetes have less favorable cardiometabolic risk profile versus those without, study finds

Compared to young adults without diabetes, those with diabetes were more likely to have obesity, elevated lipids, or hypertension and were less likely to report being physically active or consuming a healthy diet.

Patient-centered diabetes care varies in intensity by both disease- and patient-related factors

Patients were more likely to choose more intensive care after an annual consultation if they had a high level of education, if they were concerned about illness, if they had set goals for their care, and if they had comorbid conditions.

MKSAP quiz: Inpatient hyperglycemia management

This month's quiz asks readers to determine appropriate management for hyperglycemia in a 66-year-old woman admitted to the hospital with community-acquired pneumonia.

Spotlight on diet

Diet and diabetes were the focus of two recent large studies—one an umbrella review of the impact of diet patterns on diabetes incidence and the other a prospective study of fat intake and mortality among patients with type 2 diabetes.

Cybersecurity warning issued for certain insulin pumps

The risks are related to the pumps' wireless communication with other devices, such as blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring systems.

Antidepressants associated with decreased mortality rates in patients with diabetes and depression

A retrospective cohort study in Taiwan found that antidepressant use was associated with a significantly reduced risk for death, and after adjustment, total mortality decreased as total cumulative antidepressant dose increased.