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ADA revises its Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently revised its Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, making changes to more than a dozen clinical areas and also noting that it will no longer use the word “diabetic” as a noun when referring to people with diabetes.

Diabetes, prior CHD may not be equivalent CHD risk factors, study indicates

The population-based prospective cohort analysis of adults who were members of a single U.S. health care delivery system compared CHD risk among those with and without a history of diabetes or CHD.

Glucose-lowering agents other than metformin associated with higher mortality in study

Compared to matched controls, patients on metformin monotherapy did not show significant excess mortality during follow-up, but patients on sulfonylurea or insulin monotherapy had higher mortality rates.

MKSAP quiz: Swollen knee in elderly patient with diabetes

This month's quiz asks readers to evaluate a 72-year-old diabetic man who presents to the emergency department for acute swelling, severe pain, and warmth of the right knee that woke him from sleep.

In high-risk pregnant women, an individualized lifestyle intervention reduced gestational diabetes mellitus

The intervention in the Finnish study targeted women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus or a body mass index of 30 kg/m2 or greater.

Rosiglitazone REMS ends, new insulin approved

The FDA has determined that the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy is no longer necessary to ensure that the benefits of rosiglitazone-containing drugs outweigh their risks.

Spotlight on hypoglycemia

Three studies published in December looked at hypoglycemia, focusing on rates of severe hypoglycemia in the U.S., patients at high risk for hypoglycemia, and potential use of intranasal glucagon to treat the condition.