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Certain beverages associated with CVD risk in type 2 diabetes patients

For each increase of one unit per day in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, artificially sweetened beverages, and natural juices, risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) was 11%, 9%, and 16% higher, respectively, a study of U.K. data found. Coffee and tea were not associated with CVD.
9 Feb 2024


ACP Diabetes Monthly delivers a monthly summary of news about diabetes, including the latest research, clinical guidelines, and FDA drug actions.

SGLT-2 inhibitors associated with lower risk of kidney stones vs. other new diabetes drugs

Possible mechanisms to explain the association include increased urinary citrate excretion, increased urinary bicarbonate excretion that raises urine pH, or anti-inflammatory effects.
9 Feb 2024

Liraglutide had best outcomes in trial of second-line therapies added to metformin

Patients randomized to liraglutide had a 60.3% risk of reaching a composite outcome of glycemic deterioration, weight gain, or hypoglycemia compared with 81.4% on glimepiride, 71.9% on glargine, and 69.6% on sitagliptin.
9 Feb 2024

Report and study highlight risk of heart failure in patients with diabetes

The American Diabetes Association made recommendations on diagnosing and treating heart failure in patients with diabetes, and a study found increased risk of progression to clinical heart failure in those with an HbA1c level of 7% or above.
10 Jun 2022

AHA releases scientific statement on diabetic foot ulcers in cardiovascular patients

Qualitative and quantitative research is needed to resolve the reasons behind amputations for diabetic foot ulcers, the American Heart Association (AHA) said.
12 Jan 2024

Most second-line treatments for type 2 diabetes modified within year of initiation

Among patients with type 2 diabetes put on a second-line drug, 38.6% discontinued the medication within one year of starting, 19.8% intensified the medications, and 5.2% of patients switched drug classes, according to data from over 82,000 U.S. patients.
12 Jan 2024

Spotlight on the 2024 Standards of Care

The American Diabetes Association made its annual updates to the Standards of Care in Diabetes, addressing newer drug classes and growing evidence for bariatric surgery and heart failure screening, among many other changes.
12 Jan 2024

Baricitinib may preserve beta-cell function in early stages of type 1 diabetes

An editorial noted that increasing knowledge developed from trials of patients with early type 1 diabetes could eventually enable treatment to prevent clinical disease.
8 Dec 2023

CGM use linked with modest HbA1c decreases in patients with type 2 diabetes

Real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) increased the percent of time in range among patients with type 2 diabetes compared with self-monitoring, and both real-time and flash CGM lowered HbA1c levels, a meta-analysis found.
8 Dec 2023

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