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Coaching may improve diabetes clinical outcomes in real-world primary care settings

A primary care program with health coaching by medical assistants resulted in significantly greater improvements in HbA1c levels than usual care in a trial of high-risk type 2 diabetes patients at two U.S. centers.
14 Jun 2024

Spotlight on hypoglycemia in older patients

One recent study highlighted the problem of physical food insecurity and another identified predictors of impaired hypoglycemia awareness, both in older diabetes patients. A review suggested varying continuous glucose monitoring targets for older patients by their health status.
14 Jun 2024


ACP Diabetes Monthly delivers a monthly summary of news about diabetes, including the latest research, clinical guidelines, and FDA drug actions.

Jinlida granules may reduce diabetes risk in patients with impaired glucose tolerance

A Chinese herbal compound was found to significantly lower blood glucose and lipid levels and reduce waist circumference over two years of follow-up compared to placebo, a randomized controlled trial in China found.
14 Jun 2024

Effects of early, intensive glycemic control endure for decades, UKPDS data show

Twenty-four years after beginning intensive therapy with a sulfonylurea, insulin, or metformin in the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS), type 2 diabetes patients had significant reductions in mortality compared with patients getting conventional glycemic control.
14 Jun 2024

Report and study highlight risk of heart failure in patients with diabetes

The American Diabetes Association made recommendations on diagnosing and treating heart failure in patients with diabetes, and a study found increased risk of progression to clinical heart failure in those with an HbA1c level of 7% or above.
10 Jun 2022

Hyper-, hypokalemia with SGLT-2 inhibitors related to eGFR decrease after initiation

A decline of more than 30% in estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) after initiation of sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT-2) inhibitor therapy was associated with higher risk for hyperkalemia and hypokalemia in an observational study from Taiwan.
10 May 2024

Evening workouts associated with lower mortality in type 2 diabetes

Patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity who worked out in the evening had greater reductions in risk for mortality and cardiovascular and microvascular disease than those who exercised in the morning or afternoon, a retrospective study found.
10 May 2024

Statins may affect diabetes risk primarily in patients with prediabetes

There was a dose-response relationship between statin use and new diabetes diagnoses, with most cases seen in patients whose glycemic markers were close to the diagnostic threshold for diabetes at baseline, an individual-patient meta-analysis found.
12 Apr 2024

About 5 in 1,000 U.S. adults have type 1 diabetes, 4 in 1,000 kids

In addition to a U.S. study assessing rates of type 1 diabetes in different age groups, a Swedish study looked at differences by age in whether patients' relatives also had the disease, finding that it was likely more tied to genetics in childhood-onset cases.
12 Apr 2024

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