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Differentiating type 1 from type 2 diabetes in adults

Type 1 diabetes appears in adulthood more often than previously thought and its overt symptoms tend to be milder than those in children, making diagnosis tricky.
10 May 2024

Intensive food-as-medicine program improves engagement, not glycemic control

Patients with diabetes and food insecurity who received healthy groceries, dietitian consults, nurse evaluations, health coaching, and diabetes education had increased engagement with preventive care but no significant change in HbA1c levels versus usual care.
12 Jan 2024

Bariatric surgery improves long-term diabetes outcomes more than medication, lifestyle interventions

Patients who underwent bariatric surgery for type 2 diabetes had remission rates of 18.2% at seven years and 12.7% at 12 years, compared to 6.2% and 0%, respectively, in patients treated with medical and lifestyle interventions, a new review found.
8 Mar 2024

Shifts in insulin use

Changes in technology and drug prices have affected how physicians manage patients with insulin-treated diabetes.
9 Feb 2024

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