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In T2DM requiring insulin initiation, icodec titrated with an app safely reduced HbA1c vs. daily basal insulin analogues at 52 wk

An ACP Journal Club commentary cautioned that although a recent industry-funded trial was designed to approximate real-world practice, certain factors may still limit the generalizability of its findings.
12 Jan 2024

In T2DM uncontrolled with noninsulin glucose-lowering agents, weekly icodec reduced HbA1c vs. daily degludec at 26 wk

Weekly insulin icodec has shown potential benefit in recent trials, but data on its effects in patients with type 1 diabetes or renal or hepatic failure are still awaited, an ACP Journal Club commentary noted.
13 Oct 2023

In patients with type 2 diabetes or HF, SGLT2 inhibitors reduce gout-related outcomes

The effects of sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors on gout in patients with type 2 diabetes or heart failure (HF) may allow reduced polypharmacy when treatment for gout is also needed, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
10 Nov 2023

In adults with BMI ≥27 kg/m2 and type 2 diabetes, adding tirzepatide to a lifestyle intervention increased weight loss at 72 wk

The new drugs known as “twincretins” represent a major breakthrough for patients with overweight or obesity, prediabetes, or diabetes, but obstacles will include supply, lack of cost-effectiveness evidence, and insurance coverage, an ACP Journal club commentary said.
10 Nov 2023

In latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, mortality was similar to T2DM but retinopathy was higher at 5.9 y

If confirmed, the findings of different disease trajectories among patients with latent autoimmune diabetes in adults could eventually merit reclassification of the types of diabetes, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
12 Jan 2024

In T2DM with obesity, time-restricted eating increased weight loss and reduced HbA1c level at 6 mo

The small trial comparing time-restricted eating and calorie restriction with control was adequately powered to inform clinical practice, but larger trials with longer follow-up should be done to confirm the results, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
9 Feb 2024

In prediabetes, oral vitamin D reduces progression to new-onset diabetes

Other preventive treatments for patients with prediabetes may be more effective than this review found vitamin D to be, but vitamin supplementation has advantages of convenience, tolerability, availability, and cost over other options, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
12 May 2023

In type 1 diabetes, real-time vs. intermittently scanned continuous glucose monitoring improved glycemic control

Clinicians can use the results of a recent European trial to reassure patients that good glycemic control can be achieved with either device, although real-time monitoring may be beneficial for those with more hypoglycemia issues, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
8 Oct 2021

In T1DM, open-source automated insulin delivery increased glucose time in target vs. sensor-augmented pumps

A challenge to wider use of the open-source systems to manage type 1 diabetes (T1DM) is that they are not approved by the FDA and thus require clinicians to be willing to learn from and support their patients, said an ACP Journal Club commentary.
13 Jan 2023

In diabetes, some statins reduce non–HDL-C better than others vs. placebo

A review reaffirmed well-known information about the potency of commonly prescribed statins and suggested that non–high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) may be a better measure of cardiovascular risk than low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in patients on statins, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
12 Aug 2022

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