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Diabetes Collaborative Registry provides seamless view of diabetes patients across specialties

The Diabetes Collaborative Registry will allow for a longitudinal study of diabetes presentation, progression, management, and outcomes, even as patients receive treatment from multidisciplinary care teams. ... Researchers will gain access to a
July 2014

ACP issues high-value care recommendations for inpatient glucose management

Clinicians caring for these patients must keep the harms of hypoglycemia in mind when managing hyperglycemia and should avoid aggressive glucose management,” the ACP experts wrote. ... All articles from the June 14, 2013, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter
June 2013

Oral fluoroquinolones associated with increased dysglycemia risk in diabetics

The authors noted that data on rare events were obtained from an electronic database and might therefore be incomplete. ... All articles from the September 13, 2013, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
September 2013

Metformin appears safe for heart failure patients, analysis finds

This finding supports both current guidelines from medical specialty societies and recent decisions by the FDA and Canadian regulators to remove a black-box contraindication concerning use of metformin in heart ... All articles from the May 10, 2013, ACP
May 2013

New recommendations on insulin pump use

The April ACP Hospitalist also discusses inpatient management of insulin pumps. ... All articles from the June 13, 2014, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
June 2014

Higher-potency statins associated with more new diabetes cases

Some experts argue that the increased risk of diabetes is outweighed by greater protection against cardiovascular events with the higher-potency drugs, but their data come from trials that were not ... All articles from the June 13, 2014, ACP Diabetes
June 2014

Salsalate lowered HbA1c, inflammatory markers but increased LDL, urinary albumin in type 2 diabetics

The randomized trial included 286 patients ages 18 to 75 with hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels of 7.0% to 9.5%, recruited from three private practices and 18 academic centers in ... All articles from the July 12, 2013, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
July 2013

Chelation may reduce mortality, cardiovascular events in diabetics after MI

They cautioned that these results were from a subgroup, although a prespecified one, of a larger trial, so they require replication. ... All articles from the December 13, 2013, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
December 2013

ADA recommendations increase blood pressure target to below 140 mm Hg systolic in diabetic patients

The revision was based on several new meta-analyses showing little additional benefit from lower targets, according to a press release. ... All articles from the January 11, 2013, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
January 2013

Insulin injections, infusion pumps offer similar glucose control

They concluded,“ From a patient-focused perspective, CSII yielded better satisfaction with diabetes treatment in children with type 1 diabetes, and better diabetes-specific QOL in adults with type 1 diabetes. ... All articles from the July 13, 2012,
July 2012

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