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Adding weight management to group visits didn't change HbA1c, but improved weight loss, hypoglycemia

Incorporating intensive weight management with a low-carb diet into standard group medical visits for patients with diabetes “should be considered as an alternative, noninferior approach for glycemic management that has additional clinical advantages,” study authors concluded.
8 Nov 2019

Diabetes remission after bariatric surgery may be more likely in younger patients with shorter disease duration

Long-term results from the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery suggested that diabetes remission is more likely after bariatric surgery performed soon after diagnosis, when diabetes medication burden is low and beta-cell function is preserved, study authors noted.
11 Dec 2020

Closed-loop system offers better control than pump with sensor, six-month trial finds

Patients with type 1 diabetes who were randomly assigned to insulin treatment with a closed-loop system spent more time in the target glycemic range than those assigned to a sensor-augmented pump.
8 Nov 2019

New guideline from Endocrine Society offers guidance on lipid management

The guideline includes recommendations on the use of statins and lipid testing in type 1 and 2 diabetes, as well as other endocrine-related diseases and conditions.
13 Nov 2020

Trial finds improvement in HbA1c level with intensive periodontal treatment

Intensive treatment consisted of whole-mouth subgingival scaling, surgical periodontal therapy if patients practiced good oral hygiene or dental cleaning if they did not, and supportive periodontal therapy every three months until the end of the study.
9 Nov 2018

CGM improved glycemic control in type 1 diabetes with or without pump

Real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), with either an insulin pump or multiple daily injections, was associated with sustained improvements in HbA1c levels compared to self-monitoring of blood glucose, according to a small randomized trial.
11 Oct 2019

Among older adults with type 2 diabetes, insulin use most prevalent in those with poor health

In a longitudinal study of 21,531 patients, those in poor or intermediate health at age 75 years were more likely to use insulin than those in good health (29.4% and 27.5% versus 10.5%, respectively) and less likely to discontinue it during follow-up.
11 Oct 2019

Spotlight on the diabetic foot

Recent diabetes research analyzed trends in lower-extremity amputations in Ontario, Canada, as well as how health literacy, procalcitonin, and mortality risk relate to diabetic foot infection outcomes.
13 Sep 2019

Metabolic surgery associated with lower risk for MACE in obese adults with type 2 diabetes

Patients with diabetes and obesity who had metabolic surgery were matched in a 1:5 ratio to those who received usual care, with incidence of a major cardiovascular event (MACE) as the primary outcome.
13 Sep 2019

SGLT-2 inhibitors linked to lower risk of cardiac events compared with DPP-4 inhibitors

A retrospective study of Canadian and British patients with type 2 diabetes found lower rates of cardiovascular death among those taking sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors than in matched patients who took dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors.
9 Oct 2020

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