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Nearly 5% of adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Scotland were in remission in 2019

Compared with people who did not achieve remission, those in remission tended to be older, to have a lower HbA1c level at diagnosis, to have never taken any glucose-lowering medication, to have lost weight since diabetes diagnosis, and to have had bariatric surgery.
12 Nov 2021

Balanced crystalloids may be preferred for acute resolution of diabetic ketoacidosis

A small subgroup analysis of two randomized trials found that median time to resolution of diabetic ketoacidosis was 13 hours in patients who received balanced crystalloids versus nearly 17 hours in those who received saline.
11 Dec 2020

One-time serum C-peptide testing detected patients misclassified as having type 1 diabetes

In a recent study, a serum C-peptide testing program resulted in reclassification of the cause of diabetes in about 7% of the cohort tested at one diabetes center in Scotland. Reclassification was most likely in those diagnosed at age 30 years or older.
13 Nov 2020

Consensus report issued on management of type 1 diabetes in adults

The report from the American Diabetes Association and European Association for the Study of Diabetes offers guidance on diagnosis, management, and treatment, among other topics. Their recommendations are evidence-based where possible but represent the consensus opinion of the authors.
8 Oct 2021

In type 2 diabetes patients, lower LDL cholesterol levels after PCI associated with better outcomes

A pooled analysis of three randomized clinical trials found reductions in major adverse cardiac or cerebrovascular events after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) at 3.9-year follow-up only in patients with low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels below 70 mg/dL at one year.
13 Nov 2020

AHA scientific statement reviews research on drugs for diabetes and chronic kidney disease

The advent of sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists could reduce cardiovascular adverse events and progression to end-stage kidney disease, the American Heart Association (AHA) scientific statement noted.
9 Oct 2020

Patients with type 2 diabetes at higher risk for AKI, even without pre-existing kidney disease

The authors of the retrospective study called for additional research on the pathogenesis of acute kidney injury (AKI) and the associated risk factors, such as medications, in diabetic patients.
9 Oct 2020

Consensus report aims to define remission of diabetes

An international expert group convened by the American Diabetes Association proposed that the criterion for diabetes remission be an HbA1c level below 6.5%, measured at least three months after glucose-lowering drugs are stopped.
10 Sep 2021

Recent-onset diabetes, weight loss associated with increased pancreatic cancer risk

Unintentional weight loss and weight loss in those with a body mass index already in the normal range were particularly associated with risk of pancreatic cancer among patients with recent-onset diabetes, a study found.
11 Sep 2020

Adverse events associated with SGLT-2 inhibitors do not appear dose-dependent

In a systematic review and meta-analysis, no difference was seen between high- and low-dose sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors in overall safety or specific safety outcomes, other than a mild increased risk for adverse events with higher doses of canagliflozin.
11 Sep 2020

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