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Integrated care model offers noninferior diabetes care to gold-standard specialist clinics

A study conducted in Australia found that general practitioners with specialization in diabetes care and subspecialist-led clinics reduced HbA1c levels by similar amounts in patients with complex type 2 diabetes.
12 Oct 2018

Hypoglycemia may be associated with myocardial damage

Among patients with coronary artery disease, severity and frequency of hypoglycemia were associated with increased levels of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T, although the association was attenuated in adjusted analyses.
12 Oct 2018

Mortality benefit of tighter glycemic control may vary by diabetes duration, study finds

Mortality risk increased with worse glycemic control among patients who had had diabetes for less than five years, while a mean HbA1c level between 6.5% to 7.9% was associated with the lowest mortality risk in those who had had the disease longer.
8 Nov 2019

Diabetes patients without other risk factors may have near-normal mortality risks

The studied risk factors were HbA1c level, LDL cholesterol level, presence of albuminuria, smoking status, and blood pressure.
14 Sep 2018

Intensive glucose control soon after diagnosis may improve diabetes outcomes, study indicates

The findings underscore the urgency of early diagnosis of diabetes and the consequences of failing to achieve near-normal glycemia soon after patients are diagnosed, according to the study authors.
14 Sep 2018

Metformin associated with fewer cardiovascular events than sulfonylureas after decline in kidney function

The findings from this retrospective study further support metformin as the first-line treatment to which other diabetes medications are added, even in patients who are in the early stages of chronic kidney disease, an editorial noted.
11 Oct 2019

Overtreatment and hospital visits for hypoglycemia common among diabetes patients

More than one in five patients with well-controlled diabetes were receiving more medications than recommended, many of them elderly or with multiple comorbidities, a recent study found.
13 Sep 2019

Review: Evidence is inconclusive on metabolic surgery vs. medical treatment for microvascular complications in T2DM

A meta-analysis from earlier this year that compared the effects of metabolic surgery and medical treatment found 10 studies to include, only three of them randomized controlled trials.
10 Aug 2018

Preoperative glucose levels may predict postoperative cardiac outcomes regardless of whether patients have diabetes

For patients without diabetes, predictors of myocardial injury after noncardiac surgery included a casual glucose level of more than 6.86 mmol/L (124 mg/dL) and a fasting glucose level of more than 6.41 mmol/L (116 mg/dL).
10 Aug 2018

Intermittent fasting appears effective for HbA1c reduction in type 2 diabetes

Patients on the intermittent energy restriction diet ate 500 to 600 kcal/d on two nonconsecutive days each week and followed their usual diet on the other days. They were compared to a group eating 1,200 to 1,500 kcal/d.
10 Aug 2018

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