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Cyclical pressurized topical wound oxygen therapy increased healing of refractory diabetic foot ulcers

An industry-funded randomized trial showed that topical wound oxygen therapy is efficacious, but more data on effectiveness, outcomes, and cost are needed, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
10 Apr 2020

One-step screening approach detected more gestational diabetes than two-step approach but did not improve clinical outcomes

A screening approach that finds more cases of gestational diabetes without improving patient outcomes introduces considerable burden and costs to patients, clinicians, and medical systems, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
13 Aug 2021

Basal insulin plus GLP-1 RA or SGLT2 inhibitor was noninferior to basal-bolus insulin intensification for HbA1c in T2DM

A recent Italian trial showed that regimens with a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA) or a sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor resulted in less hypoglycemia, but the results may not apply to patients with higher HbA1c levels, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
10 Sep 2021

In screen-detected type 2 diabetes, intensive therapy did not differ from usual care for CV events at 10 years

Despite the lack of observed benefit in this analysis, primary care physicians should continue to operate under the reasonable assumption that addressing cardiovascular (CV) risk factors improves longevity, said an ACP Journal Club commentary.
8 May 2020

In type 2 diabetes, SGLT-2 inhibitors reduce risk for major kidney outcomes

The data suggest that renoprotection from sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors may not require the presence of diabetes or albuminuria and may be effective even in patients with worse renal function, an ACP Journal Club commentary said.
13 Mar 2020

In acute ischemic stroke with hyperglycemia, intensive vs standard glucose control did not improve 90-day outcomes

Several factors, including high rates of reperfusion therapy and early hospital discharge, may explain why this trial found no benefit from intensive glucose control after stroke, according to an ACP Journal Club commentary.
10 Jan 2020

Dapagliflozin reduced cardiorenal outcomes but not MACE in T2 diabetes with or at risk for atherosclerotic CVD

Baseline kidney disease, albuminuria, and cardiovascular disease (CVD) status may help determine which patients will benefit most from sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors, according to an ACP Journal Club commentary.
8 Nov 2019

In type 2 diabetes, early metformin plus vildagliptin reduced treatment failure vs a stepwise approach

Despite this study's findings, clinicians should continue to follow guidelines and use metformin as the first-line drug intervention, then select from other drug classes when there is a compelling indication, advised an ACP Journal Club commentary.
13 Mar 2020

In type 2 diabetes, a primary careā€“led weight management program increased weight loss and diabetes remission at 2 years

Primary care practices that want to adopt such an intervention for their patients will need a dietician or practice nurse to deliver an intensive weight loss program, noted an ACP Journal Club commentary.
13 Sep 2019

In type 2 diabetes, intensive glucose control for 5.6 years did not differ from usual care for major CV events at 14 years

These long-term follow-up data show no legacy effect from intensive glucose control on cardiovascular (CV) events, differing from the results of the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study, an ACP Journal Club commentary noted.
11 Oct 2019

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