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Physician volume linked to diabetes care quality, study finds

Patients from practices with higher overall volume were also less likely to fill prescriptions for ACE inhibitors or ARBs and for statins. ... All articles from the January 13, 2017, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
January 2017

Lower glucose levels before hospital discharge associated with readmission, death in diabetes patients

Similarly, the event rate ratio for mortality within 180 days increased from 1.07 with a minimum glucose level of 80 to 89 mg/dL (4.4 to 4.9 ... All articles from the May 10, 2019, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
May 2019

Aspirin primary prevention trial in Japan halted for lack of mortality benefit

They were recruited from 1,007 primary care clinics between March 2005 and June 2007 and followed for up to 6.5 years. ... All articles from the December 12, 2014, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
December 2014

Task Force releases systematic review about diabetes screening

Researchers for the Task Force reviewed randomized, controlled trials; controlled, observational studies; and systematic reviews published from 2007 through October 2014 to assess the benefits and harms of screening for type ... All articles from the
June 2015

Physicians may overtreat blood pressure, glucose in older patients with diabetes

A retrospective cohort study used data from the Department of Veterans Affairs to assess both hypertension and blood glucose medication deintensification (i.e., dosage reduction or withdrawal of a drug). ... All articles from the November 13, 2015, ACP
November 2015

Antihypertensives associated with worse outcomes in diabetic patients with lower SBP

The researchers also obtained unpublished data from 12 of the 49 trials, involving 8,916 patients, by contacting pharmaceutical companies, authorities, or the authors. ... All articles from the March 11, 2016, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
March 2016

GLP-1 agonist plus basal insulin beat other diabetes treatment regimens in meta-analysis

All articles from the October 10, 2014, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
October 2014

Diabetes outcomes similar when primary care provided by NPs, PAs, or physicians, study finds

Researchers from the Durham VA Medical Center in North Carolina used electronic health record data, which included 568 VA primary care facilities and 368,481 adult patients with diabetes, to compare ... All articles from the December 14, 2018, ACP
December 2018

Ischemic heart disease linked to worse prognosis in heart failure patients with type 2 diabetes

Researchers in Sweden used data from a national heart failure registry to examine the effect of ischemic and nonischemic heart failure and prior revascularization on long-term prognosis in patients with ... results. All articles from the October 7, 2016,
October 2016

Canagliflozin may not increase fracture risk in patients at low risk for fractures

All articles from the January 11, 2019, ACP Diabetes Monthly Newsletter.
January 2019

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