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Lifestyle modification may outperform medications over time for diabetes prevention, meta-analysis finds

Twenty-five people would need to be treated with lifestyle modification to prevent one diabetes case, according to the analysis of randomized clinical trials that evaluated lifestyle modification and medication interventions for diabetes prevention in at-risk adults.
8 Dec 2017

Primary care-based weight-loss program led to remission of type 2 diabetes

At the end of 12 months, 36 intervention participants lost 15 kg or more, compared to no participants in the control group, and diabetes remission was associated with the amount of weight lost.
12 Jan 2018

ADA issues updated position statement on hypertension and diabetes

The statement updates the American Diabetes Association's 2003 position statement on this topic and summarizes clinical trials of intensive hypertension treatment strategies.
8 Sep 2017

HbA1c levels may overestimate mean glucose in black type 1 diabetes patients, study finds

Editorialists cautioned that the study does not suggest that HbA1c has limited utility in black patients, adding that there is a need to better understand the subgroups that may be vulnerable to discordant HbA1c and glucose measures.
14 Jul 2017

Preoperative factors may help predict long-term weight outcomes after gastric bypass, study finds

Only 3 factors were associated with greater long-term weight loss: preoperative insulin use, history of smoking, and use of 12 or more medications before surgery.
16 Sep 2016

Weight loss program may improve HbA1c more than typical diabetes nutrition counseling, study finds

Patients participating in Weight Watchers program supplemented with diabetes education lost more weight than a control group by 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of follow-up.
11 Nov 2016

Physician volume linked to diabetes care quality, study finds

The researchers found that higher ambulatory volume overall was associated with lower rates of appropriate eye exams, HbA1c testing, and LDL cholesterol testing, but higher diabetes-specific volume was associated with better care according to quality indicators.
13 Jan 2017

GLP-1 analogues may be associated with bile duct, gallbladder disease

Current use of DPP-4 inhibitors was not associated with increased risk for bile duct and gallbladder disease versus current use of at least 2 oral antidiabetic drugs, but an increased risk was seen with use of GLP-1 analogues.
12 Aug 2016

Ischemic heart disease linked to worse prognosis in heart failure patients with type 2 diabetes

Mortality risk was highest in patients who had both type 2 diabetes and ischemic heart disease and had not had previous revascularization.
7 Oct 2016

Score may help predict which patients are likely to achieve type 2 diabetes cure after bariatric surgery

DiaRem, a weighted score ranging from 0 to 22 points, is based on age, insulin dependence, diabetes medication use, and HbA1c level.
13 May 2016

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