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Spotlight on metformin | ACP Diabetes Monthly

Metformin—including its use, effects, and mechanisms—was the focus of some research published in the past month.

Spotlight on cardiovascular disease | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association recently released a joint scientific statement on prevention of cardiovascular disease ...

Spotlight on bariatric surgery for diabetes | ACP Diabetes ...

Recent studies assessed the impact of bariatric surgery on diabetes remission, mortality, and health care costs.

Spotlight on undertreatment of risks from diabetes | ACP ...

Studies published in the past month looked at statin prescriptions for patients with diabetes and osteoporotic fracture risk in women with diabetes.

Spotlight on lifestyle change | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The effects of lifestyle interventions on patients with diabetes were analyzed by several recent studies.

Spotlight on new diabetes technologies | ACP Diabetes ...

Technological advances that could improve diabetes control in the future made the news in the past month.

Spotlight on hypoglycemia | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The risks and consequences of hypoglycemia were described by several studies published recently.

Spotlight on insulin timing | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The timing of insulin injections for patients with type 2 diabetes was the focus of several studies published in the past month.

Spotlight on pioglitazone | ACP Diabetes Monthly

Evidence on possible risks of pioglitazone, including bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and fractures, made the news in the past month.

Spotlight on trends in diabetes prevalence and outcomes ...

Several recent analyses of national health care data assessed the prevalence of diabetes and its complications in the US.

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