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Intensive glucose control soon after diagnosis may improve diabetes outcomes, study indicates | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The findings underscore the urgency of early diagnosis of diabetes and the consequences of failing to achieve near-normal glycemia soon after patients are diagnosed, according to the study authors.

ACP Diabetes Monthly

ACP Diabetes Monthly delivers a monthly summary of news about diabetes, including the latest research, clinical guidelines, and FDA drug actions.

Preoperative glucose levels may predict postoperative cardiac outcomes regardless of whether patients have diabetes | ACP Diabetes Monthly

For patients without diabetes, predictors of myocardial injury after noncardiac surgery included a casual glucose level of more than 6.86 mmol/L (124 mg/dL) and a fasting glucose level of more than 6.41 mmol/L (116 mg/dL).

Weekly GLP-1 analogue associated with reduced MI, stroke risk, industry study finds | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The trial of semaglutide included 3,297 patients with type 2 diabetes, 83% of whom had established cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, or both.

Oral semaglutide led to greater reductions in HbA1c, body weight than sitagliptin | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The industry-funded PIONEER 3 trial randomized adults whose type 2 diabetes was uncontrolled with metformin, with or without sulfonylurea, to receive either oral sitagliptin (100 mg/d) or oral semaglutide (3, 7, or 14 mg/d).

Early subspecialist involvement led to reduced infections among inpatients with diabetes | ACP Diabetes Monthly

Researchers studied an early intervention model in which an inpatient diabetes team electronically identified patients with hyperglycemia and aimed to provide bedside management within 24 hours of admission, compared with a referral-based

Metformin associated with B-vitamin deficiency, cognitive dysfunction in older patients | ACP Diabetes Monthly

This observational study suggests that metformin use in hyperglycemic older patients is associated with vitamin B12 and B6 (pyridoxine) deficiency and poorer cognitive performance.

Insulin initiation in the hospital associated with death, ED visits, readmissions in older patients | ACP Diabetes Monthly

The study authors noted that older patients who begin insulin therapy while hospitalized are a vulnerable population for whom additional resources are needed during the transition to outpatient care.

SGLT2 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists compared for CV, renal outcomes | ACP Diabetes Monthly

Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors were associated with fewer hospitalizations for heart failure and slower progression of kidney disease while glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists were associated with lower risk of

Poor glycemic control associated with fracture in type 1 but not type 2 diabetes | ACP Diabetes Monthly

Patients with type 1 diabetes and a mean three-year HbA1c level greater than 8.0% had a higher fracture risk than those with a mean three-year HbA1c level of 7.0% or less.

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