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Spotlight on demographic trends in diabetes

Recent studies looked at prevalence of diagnosed diabetes in the U.S.; trends in hospitalization for diabetic ketoacidosis; and the prevalence of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.
April 2018

Spotlight on cardiovascular risk

Several recent studies addressed the effects of diabetes and diabetes treatments on cardiovascular risk.
September 2013

Spotlight on diabetes medications and cancer risks

The risks of cancer in patients taking medication for diabetes were analyzed by 2 recent studies.
December 2013

Spotlight on cost-related nonadherence

Recent studies looked at how often patients underuse insulin due to cost, whether Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participation reduces cost-related nonadherence, and how high deductibles affect the timing of care for macrovascular
December 2018

Spotlight on insulin formulations

Two papers published in the past month compared human and analog insulins, while another looked at the advantages and disadvantages of inhaled insulin.
September 2015

Spotlight on diabetic retinopathy

Recent studies looked at diabetic retinopathy's associations with age-related macular degeneration, chronic kidney disease, and different classes of diabetes drugs.
August 2018

Spotlight on thiazolidinediones

Some beneficial effects of rosiglitazone and pioglitazone were described by studies published in the last month.
July 2015

Spotlight on potential risks of DPP-4 inhibitors

Recent studies examined potential associations of the drugs with heart failure, pancreatic cancer, and fractures.
March 2016

Spotlight on genetic risk for diabetes

Recent studies looked at biomarkers to predict diabetes, characteristics of patients who developed type 1 diabetes during adulthood, and use of oral insulin to try to prevent type 1 diabetes.
December 2017

Spotlight on insulins degludec and glargine

Recent industry-funded studies compared degludec, an ultralong-acting, once-daily basal insulin, to basal insulin glargine on outcomes including hypoglycemia, glucose control, and cardiovascular events.
July 2017

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