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Spotlight on HIV and diabetes

Multiple recent studies focused on HIV and diabetes, looking at incidence of diabetes among patients with HIV, the effectiveness of medications in patients with both conditions, and efforts to improve nutrition in patients with one or both conditions
February 2017

Spotlight on hypoglycemia

Two recent studies looked at the incidence of hypoglycemia among patients with diabetes around the world, while another offered an intervention to reduce hypoglycemia in patients with impaired awareness of it.
May 2018

Spotlight on genetic risk for diabetes

Recent studies looked at biomarkers to predict diabetes, characteristics of patients who developed type 1 diabetes during adulthood, and use of oral insulin to try to prevent type 1 diabetes.
December 2017

Spotlight on insulins degludec and glargine

Recent industry-funded studies compared degludec, an ultralong-acting, once-daily basal insulin, to basal insulin glargine on outcomes including hypoglycemia, glucose control, and cardiovascular events.
July 2017

Keeping tabs

Recent studies looked at vitamin D supplementation, peer mentoring, and physician referrals to diabetes prevention programs among patients with prediabetes.
June 2019

Spotlight on the Diabetes Prevention Program

Data from the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Outcomes Study showed little effect of diabetes prevention efforts on patients' cognition or coronary artery calcium, according two recent studies.
June 2017

Spotlight on the state of diabetes

From the ancient Egyptians to current pilot projects, two recent articles in the New England Journal of Medicine reviewed the history and current state of diabetes care.
October 2012

Spotlight on wound healing for diabetic foot ulcers

Recent trials examined the potential effects of probiotic supplements and sucrose octasulfate dressings.
January 2018

Spotlight on undertreatment of risks from diabetes

Studies published in the past month looked at statin prescriptions for patients with diabetes and osteoporotic fracture risk in women with diabetes.
September 2016

Spotlight on pioglitazone

Evidence on possible risks of pioglitazone, including bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and fractures, made the news in the past month.
January 2017

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