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Spotlight on the Diabetes Prevention Program

Data from the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Outcomes Study showed little effect of diabetes prevention efforts on patients' cognition or coronary artery calcium, according two recent studies.
June 2017

Spotlight on hospitalized patients with diabetes

Recent studies of hospitalized patients looked at hypoglycemia and mortality, hyperglycemia and sleep, and corticosteroids for pneumonia.
December 2016

Spotlight on psychological impacts

Managing diabetes can negatively impact quality of life for people with the disease, so doctors should consider a patient's treatment burden and the “whole person” when setting goals, 2 studies suggest.
July 2014

Spotlight on hypoglycemia

Two recent studies looked at the incidence of hypoglycemia among patients with diabetes around the world, while another offered an intervention to reduce hypoglycemia in patients with impaired awareness of it.
May 2018

Spotlight on gender differences

The differences in outcomes between men and women with diabetes were the focus of a scientific statement from the American Heart Association and a study from Diabetologia, both published this month.
December 2015

Spotlight on drug comparisons

Outcomes and costs of different classes of diabetes drugs were compared by studies published in the past month.
April 2016

Spotlight on type 1 diabetes

A couple of significant studies in type 1 diabetes came out last month.
December 2014

Spotlight on hypoglycemia

The risks and consequences of hypoglycemia were described by several studies published recently.
August 2013

Spotlight on heart failure

The risk of heart failure in patients taking medication for type 2 diabetes was analyzed by 2 recent studies.
April 2015

Spotlight on guidelines

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of Endocrinology updated their algorithm for treatment of type 2 diabetes, while the American Diabetes Association released a position statement on management of diabetes
February 2016

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