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Spotlight on bariatric surgery

Treatment of type 2 diabetes with bariatric surgery was discussed by several recent publications, including updated guidelines from a group of medical specialty organizations.
May 2013

Spotlight on diabetes knowledge and practice

Knowledge among U.S. patients and clinicians about recommended care for diabetes is good but could still use improvement, one can conclude from studies published this month.
March 2013

Spotlight on blood pressure control

Intensive blood pressure control may increase diabetic patients' risk of stroke or coronary heart disease, a group of researchers recently concluded in two separate publications.
June 2013

Keeping tabs

Recent diabetes research analyzed trends in lower-extremity amputations in Ontario, Canada, as well as how health literacy, procalcitonin, and mortality risk relate to diabetic foot infection outcomes.
September 2019

Keeping tabs

One study found that counseling about genetic risk for diabetes does not lead at-risk patients to lose weight, while another determined that advice on fat consumption does not need to be individualized based on genetic risk.
August 2019

Spotlight on European Association for the Study of Diabetes conference

The annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes was held in Barcelona, Spain in September. Research presented at the meeting covered risks of sulfonylureas, pioglitazone and macular edema, treatment intensification and
October 2013

Spotlight on cardiovascular disease in women with diabetes

Two recent studies looked at cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in women with type 2 diabetes, finding that fenofibrate may be associated with lowered risk and sulfonylureas with increased risk.
September 2014

Keeping tabs

Some recent studies investigated cardiovascular disease, mortality risk, kidney disease, and the evidence base among patients who develop type 2 diabetes before age 40 or 50 years.
July 2020

Keeping tabs

Studies published in the past month looked at how exercise and indicators of fitness among patients with diabetes are associated with mortality risk, vascular health, and medication use.
February 2020

Keeping tabs

Recent research quantified vertebral fractures in patients with type 2 diabetes, compared fracture risks of starting sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors or dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors, and measured bone mineral density in patients with
November 2019

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