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Spotlight on lifestyle interventions for National Diabetes Month

World Diabetes Day is to be held on Nov. 14 and President Obama recently proclaimed November to be National Diabetes Month.
November 2012

Spotlight on new diabetes technologies

Technological advances that could improve diabetes control in the future made the news in the past month.
February 2014

Spotlight on metformin

In the past month, a new meta-analysis compared metformin to other diabetes drugs, and the FDA expanded metformin's indications in patients with reduced kidney function.
May 2016

Spotlight on gender differences

The differences in outcomes between men and women with diabetes were the focus of a scientific statement from the American Heart Association and a study from Diabetologia, both published this month.
December 2015

Spotlight on diabetic eye disease

The prevalence and treatment of diabetes complications affecting the eye were analyzed by multiple studies published in the past month.
January 2014

Spotlight on exercise

Two recent studies analyzed the effects of exercise on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.
July 2013

Spotlight on new technologies for type 1 diabetes

Two recent studies and FDA approval of the first “artificial pancreas” highlight new technological advances in type 1 diabetes care.
October 2016

Spotlight on hypoglycemia

Three studies published in December looked at hypoglycemia, focusing on rates of severe hypoglycemia in the U.S., patients at high risk for hypoglycemia, and potential use of intranasal glucagon to treat the condition.
January 2016

Spotlight on lifestyle change

The effects of lifestyle interventions on patients with diabetes were analyzed by several recent studies.
November 2013

Spotlight on guidelines

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of Endocrinology updated their algorithm for treatment of type 2 diabetes, while the American Diabetes Association released a position statement on management of diabetes
February 2016

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